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No we haven't been getting along long at all...

Seriously, I've had that song stuck in my head all summer. Anyway. I discovered that I've had this account since March and yet my journal is conspicuously empty, and thought that I should rectify that. It's 12:33 AM right now, and I'm sitting here with coffee... which will probably come back to bite me when I try to get up at 8, but oh well. I was writing all morning before work, and I actually found that whenever I wasn't distracted dealing with customers or talking to my co-workers, I was definitely trapped in my protagonist's head space. Does that ever happen to anyone else? My character's having a rough day, so I was glad that my coworkers were cheery and chatty. It would have been a looong closing shift otherwise!

I actually have no clue what to write here, though. I kind of want to get back to my story, so... TTFN!
Tags: backstreet boys, bored, hello, new kids on the block, nkotbsb, random

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