de Ruh (de_ruh) wrote,
de Ruh

Writer's Block: "Anybody home? Think, McFly, Think!"

Who is the meanest movie bully?
I'm going to be another one to agree with the title prompt and vote Biff. I'm not voting for Biff because he's the scariest or most hated, nor the most entertaining. Those titles all go off to super hero movie villains and the type of character we see in well-adapted book-to-movie films. Biff is one of the more unique villains in the world of cinema because he doesn't have super powers, he isn't capable of holding a nation hostage, and he isn't responsible for committing various acts of molevolence against Harry Potter. He's a well-written, well-played, "real-world" teenage bully who was originally written for the movie screen as opposed to television, books or comics.
Tags: back to the future, biff, harry potter, villains, writer's block

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